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Q. How long does it generally take to grow shoulder length hair? A. On average, hair can....

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Hairstyles for ladies in their 50s 62
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Long Hair Hairstyles

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Long Hair Hairstyles

Q. How long does it generally take to grow shoulder length hair?

A. On average, hair can take 30-60 days before you visibly notice the growth of added length.

You will usually notice an inch, or two at a time. The diet of each individual will be an essential factor of time it takes, to see results.

Q. How long does hair have to be to achieve the look of braids?

A. Hair should be at least, an inch or two in length in order to maintain a stiff and firm hold.

Q. What are the best shampoos to use for long hair?

A. Utilize a shampoo made for long hair, such as L’Oreal, Or Pantene Pro-V

Q. My lengthy hair always seems to tangle, in small kinks before washing. How do I stop my long hair from knotting before washing?

A. Thoroughly brush your hair from the scalp completely down to the roots before washing.

Q. Can African-Americans get micro-braids with long hair?

A. Yes, but be sure to take precaution. Your natural hair which is blended within the weave aka extension, can mistakenly be glued, when using the same color artificial hair as your natural hair.

This should only be practiced, and taken down by a professional African hair braider, as safety measures also apply when taking down.